Doctorate of Business Administration

3 years
Entry Dates
September / January / April
Study Mode
Full-time / Part-time
90 CH | 120 ECTS
Program Overview
The doctorate program is offered to professionals who wish to accomplish their managerial studies through research and applying practical aspects to learning for the future.

It provides a flexible and independent alternative to traditional higher degree studies and is based on research and specialization in areas of professional practice. The program will consist of taught modules aimed at ensuring that you are fully prepared to produce the highest quality research.

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Why AUS?
In undertaking a doctorate-level program, you are provided with the opportunity to improve your business career or business-related insight. It allows you to sharpen your research skills, enhance your understanding of the business processes, and develop leadership and decision-making abilities.
A doctorate-level program places a higher emphasis on theoretical formulation and on conducting and interpreting research. As a doctoral graduate, you will stand out as an expert in your field with a set of managerial and decision-making skills that may qualify you for new career opportunities or senior-level management roles
Focus on providing necessary background
The DBA's taught elements focus on providing necessary background, which supports research design and application by examining current methodological questions and debates. A series of seminars aims to provide a background to the research topic that the student is undertaking.
Learn the most advanced skills and techniques
Candidates will learn the most advanced skills and techniques for managing and leading businesses and organizations backed up by rigorous coursework and high expectations for achievement.
Key Modules
Advanced Research Methodology
The seminar is primarily based on participation and coaching for the project. The objectives are to give students exposure to the whole research process involved in developing a DBA thesis. Learn the essentials of managing an academic research project.
Applied Entrepreneurship
This course is designed to give students practical tools to cope with managing a company in a modern economic environment. Students will get the opportunity to include all skills and knowledge acquired either in previous courses, elsewhere, or through their professional experience. The course is structured around a simulation in which different teams will manage competing companies in a competitive environment. Depending on their specialty and future thesis preparation, deepened insights will be given to each of them according to their future orientation.
Understanding Financial Statements
This course intends to give students a theoretical and practical approach of accounting systems in order to ensure they can understand the drawing up of the three main accounting documents requested by law and IFRS. At the beginning, practical implication of the students will involve them in closing "incomplete statements", which will bring them to an advanced accounting level.
Afterward, the course will concentrate on analyzing financial data of any kind of company to allow them to assess the situation of a given company using horizontal and vertical analysis, benchmarking, ratios. The course will end with a theoretical and practical approach to cash flow statements, using both with the direct and the indirect methods.
Leading in the VUCA World
Leading in the VUCA World course will cover leadership challenges and opportunities in complex, volatile, ambiguous, and uncertain environments of today. Economic volatility combined with rapid advances in technology, intensifying competition and an unpredictable political landscape call for clarity of thought and speed of action.
Operating in complexity and uncertainty have become major leadership development challenges. The ability to think through complex problems clearly is an asset to individual leaders and to the organizations they serve. Academia needs to help future leaders to develop this ability early on.
Venture Capital
In this course, students will gain knowledge and understanding of key methods and thinking frameworks aimed to internalize and be able to apply the fundamental business concepts necessary for the successful venture capitalist in his/her investment endeavors. The course will be taught from the point of view of the VC practitioner, but the concepts and tools learned can be fruitfully applied by an entrepreneur or in a corporate intrapreneurial setting.
Quantitative Aspects of Managerial Decision Making
In this course, students will gain knowledge and understanding of key methods and thinking frameworks in business decision-making, build effective models to help with managerial action, and learn how to present clearly and succinctly their ideas as business decision-makers incorporating quantitative concepts.
A normal course of study to complete a DBA program over three years requires:
Dual Degree with Tiffin University
The American University in Switzerland and Tiffin University, based in Ohio, United States, are delighted to offer students the opportunity to receive a degree from Tiffin University in addition to their bachelor’s degree from AUS.

Students will have the opportunity to complete dual degrees in a range of subject areas, including; management and international business, sports management and sports marketing, and sports management and athletic administration.

At AUS and Tiffin University, we put our students at the center of what we do. This opportunity enables students to fully immerse themselves in an international environment providing the platform for extensive educational and career benefits. With access to guest professors, the possibility of a semester abroad, or an international internship, students' opportunities are life-changing.
Studying a degree in Business Administration, you could progress into careers including:
Business Consultancy
Business Development
General Management
Logistics and Distribution
Business Research and Analytics
Marketing and Communications
Student Housing
AUS has several fully-furnished single and shared rooms, studios and apartments within a five-kilometer radius of the campus.
Discover Switzerland
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Rated in the Top 3 Countries to Study Abroad in Europe
Switzerland is an exceptional location
to live, study and work
Its cultural diversity, magnificent landscape, and innovative environment offer first-class conditions for personal well-being and career achievement.
Switzerland is a small yet diverse country. It has four national languages: French (20.4%), German (64%), Italian (6.5%), and Romansh (just over 1%). Just one more reason to feel comfortable as a student or foreign visitor — most people speak English.
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