Dual Degree with Tiffin University
The American University in Switzerland and Tiffin University, based in Ohio, United States, are delighted to offer students the opportunity to receive a degree from Tiffin University in addition to their bachelor’s degree from AUS.

Students will have the opportunity to complete dual degrees in a range of subject areas, including; management and international business, sports management and sports marketing, and sports management and athletic administration.

At AUS and Tiffin University, we put our students at the center of what we do. This opportunity enables students to fully immerse themselves in an international environment providing the platform for extensive educational and career benefits. With access to guest professors, the possibility of a semester abroad, or an international internship, students' opportunities are life-changing.
IATA Authorized Training Center
The American University in Switzerland is proud to be recognized as an official IATA Authorized Training Center.

Offering a degree with a specialization in Aviation Management and specific IATA certified training courses enables students to gain expert industry knowledge from a global organization in air transport. Courses available to students will complement the AUS curriculum and give real-industry insight to support academic knowledge.

Topics such as Air Transport Fundamentals provide an overview of the air transportation system and illustrate the interdependencies among its various components, and Aviation Security Awareness, which looks at introducing security measures and regulations to keep the industry safe.

This opportunity provides students a real advantage when seeking employment by showcasing their expertise and applied knowledge through gaining industry-recognized certifications.

About the American University in Switzerland

Throughout its 30-year history, AUS has prepared international students with the relevant business knowledge, tools, and training to be positive contributors to any organization throughout their careers.
President’s Message
These are exciting times in the world of business, and we are proud to be at the forefront of international bus|
AUS is an exciting institution of Higher Education that prepares students for confronting 21st-century business challenges while thriving within an ever-changing environment.

We leave our international business students with the knowledge and tools needed to be positive contributors to any successful business organization.
Through our hands-on programs, AUS provides students with transferable skills in a multicultural and progressive environment, where cutting-edge theory interlinks with practical experience. Our business programs create the ideal platform, whether the student is embarking on their career, re-entering the job market, or is seeking to move into a leadership position. AUS caters to every individual’s needs with an emphasis on a modern curriculum, enabling students to achieve their academic goals while evolving within an international milieu.

Our staff is highly motivated to help students succeed in their education and career, providing them with the know-how and passion to guide students on their journey.

We look forward to welcoming you and helping you prepare for the business world of tomorrow.
Dr. M. El Khansa
Lake Geneva
Preparing you for the modern business environment, the American University in Switzerland is one of Switzerland's leading international business universities, situated in Swiss Riviera city of La Tour-de-Peilz. Located on the shores of Lake Geneva, AUS is close to the Olympic Capital Lausanne, and Geneva, the center for diplomacy.
The Three Pillars of AUS
AUS Strives to impart knowledge
and teach where to find the answers
in any knowledge gaps
AUS strives to teach the analytical tools needed for problem solving
and complex decision making
AUS strives to develop students soft and hard skills, for them to thrive in an ever-changing and challenging professional environment
AUS strives to develop students soft and hard skills, for them to thrive in an ever-changing and challenging professional environment
The American University of Switzerland offers students the opportunity to become part of and build their own professional network to support their career and build lifelong friendships

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