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AUS and Apple Authorized Training Center for Education (AATCE)

Prepare for a Career in the app economy

We are proud to announce that our institution has been awarded the recognition “Apple Authorized Training Center for Education”.
Students and professionals with app development skills are in high demand. In accordance with the three pillars of AUS – Knowledge, Tools and Training, it is essential that our students and our community have access to the latest resources that ensure their competitiveness in the world of business.

We share Apple's belief that coding is an essential skill for professionals of the future, and everyone can learn to code. Learning to code includes problem solving, thinking outside the box and cooperating with peers in a creative way.

With this certification, Apple guarantees that AUS meets the highest quality standards as an educational institution to provide Swift and Xcode training.

Get Certified in Swift

  • Start Date
    17-18 June 2023
  • Duration
  • Fees 
    CHF 600.-
  • Location
    AUS Campus, La Tour-de-Peilz Switzerland

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Target Audience
  • Students
  • Young professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Anyone seeking professional or personal development
Course Description
In this 4-day intensive course, you will learn about the basics of programming with Swift, the basic data types, functions, structures, classes, and much more. You will learn how to use Apple’s UIKit to build a basic app and you will run it on your personal iPhone.
You will spend time in interactive sessions to learn about a few of the concepts each day and you will receive optional homework that will allow you to further put your new skills into action. If you complete all the homework, you will have created your first own app, from scratch, by the end of the week.
This is a great starting point if you want to get into app development for iOS. You will be able to expand your skills from here easily. This intensive course will give you the fundamental knowledge in Swift that will allow continuing into more advanced courses.
Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of the 4-day course:

  • You will learn the basics of object-oriented programming with Swift
  • You will learn how to design simple user interfaces with UIKit
  • You will understand the difference between the problem - and solution domain and how to design an app in a problem-oriented way

Method of Instruction

  • The lecture will be held in live sessions. Sessions will be held face-to-face and will be recorded.
  • There will be dedicated Q&A sessions during which you can ask all questions on the material or regarding the app you’re working on yourself.
Required Resources

  • A Mac running the latest version of macOS Ventura at the time of the start of the lecture
  • An Apple ID to install Xcode from the App Store

During the course, you will apply your newly acquired Swift skills to build your own app based on user stories we provide. We will evaluate your performance based on your final app. We will evaluate it based on three criteria:

  • User Experience (that is, how intuitive is the user interface)
  • Code Quality (How readable and efficient is your code)
  • Fulfilment of the requirements (I.e., did you successfully implement all user stories)

Meet Your Instructor

Florian Bodlée
He is certified by Apple as a Swift Trainer. He taught Agile Software Engineering and Swift Programming at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) between the years 2018 and 2022 to hundreds of students and coached many of them in the realization of their app development projects. Since 2021, he has worked as a freelance software engineer, creating solutions in the medical and business analytics sectors.

Develop in Swift

Swift is a comprehensive coding offering and prepares students to be competitive in the digital economy.

Swift is a powerful and intuitive programming language for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS.

Writing Swift code is interactive and fun, the syntax is concise yet expressive.

It’s a great first language

Swift can open doors to the world of coding. In fact, it was designed to be anyone’s first programming language. Created by Apple that’s as easy to learn as it is powerful to use. The commands are based on words you already know, like “jump” and “forward”. And it’s used by the pros to create the most popular apps for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, and Apple Watch.

Develop in Swift curriculum

Get started or take your skills to the next level. The Develop in Swift books are flexible enough to help you whether you’re new to coding or want to advance your skills. These books provide practical experience in creating apps on Mac using Xcode, the integrated development environment used to build apps for Apple platforms.

Learn key computing concepts, building a solid foundation in programming with Swift. And, learn about the impact of computing and apps on society, economies, and cultures while exploring iOS app development.

Extend your knowledge and skill in iOS app development creating more complex and capable apps. And, work with data from a server and explore new iOS APIs that allow for much richer app experiences — including displaying large collections of data in multiple formats.

Build fundamental iOS app development skills with Swift. And, master the core concepts and practices that Swift programmers use daily and build a basic fluency in Xcode’s source and UI editors.

Our Programs

Studying a Bachelor Degree at the AUS students will acquire a broad base of knowledge in fundamental business practices, develop essential skills, and have the option to increase their knowledge in specific specializations from Accounting and Marketing.
Our goal at AUS is for our MIBA students to be fully prepared to lead and manage today’s competitive global marketplace. Our curriculum is application-based through experiential learning and focuses on the hard and soft skills business leaders will need in the 4IR.