Visa and Requirements

Student Visa Requirements

All students enrolled at the American Institute of Applied Sciences in Switzerland will be granted a student residency permit which allows them to legally live in Switzerland. The permit can further be used by students to discover Europe.

Our Admissions team and Immigration Advisory Service is there to answer any questions you have about visas and student permits. Should you require help, we can also assist you with the application process through the Embassy of Switzerland in your country. Please note that in periods of high demand visas may sometimes take longer to issue.

Through the application process our team will ensure you have all the information relating to the required documents you need and where you must take them. Should you have any queries our team is here to help.
Once in Switzerland, our team will assist and inform you about the next steps regarding your residence permit.
Health Insurance
Having Swiss health insurance is mandatory for all people living in Switzerland and AUS has a partner company that provides students with the latest solutions in terms of health and accident insurance.

Student insurance starts at around CHF 150 per month and may vary depending on your needs.

Should students already be in possession of international insurance they will have to contact the administration team for further assistance and assure the validity in Switzerland.

Working in Switzerland
The working hours for students are limited during the school year and there are a few requirements that you must fulfil. For more information please speak to a member of the Administration team.

  • International students can work up to 15 hours a week
  • During semester holidays international students can work up to 100%
  • Students from outside the EU/EFTA countries may start working only 6 months after starting their degree program