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Student Affairs
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Funding your Studies
At the American Institute of Applied Sciences in Switzerland (AUS), we are committed to making our programs accessible to all motivated and talented students, regardless of their financial situation. While we do not offer full scholarships as a private institution, we provide a range of financial support solutions to help students fund their studies. These include partial scholarships, work-study opportunities, and flexible payment plans, ensuring that everyone has the chance to pursue a world-class education at AUS.

Funding Methods

Students can opt to pay for their own studies based on personal circumstances and may also receive support from their parents and guardians. Foreign students will be required to demonstrate, as part of their visa and residence permit applications, as applicable, that they have sufficient financial means to support themselves during their studies with AUS. In this regard, Swiss authorities typically request that students have proof of one year's tuition fees plus CHF 2,100.- per month to cover all living expenses.
Students may wish to explore options to get their studies funded by external third parties, including those from their home countries, such as employers, companies, or other organizations. In such cases, it is the student’s responsibility to review and agree with any additional terms and conditions presented as part of their sponsorship and act in accordance with them; this may include the student agreement that their academic progress and attendance records be shared with the sponsor, as well as any other potential employment with the sponsor upon graduation.

In the case of student sponsorship, the letter of sponsorship and written agreement must be provided to AUS and the Swiss authorities.
Study Loan
In order to support both existing and new students in pursuing their studies, AUS has partnered with Cashare, a Swiss loan provider to provide student loans. The loan is intended to be used to cover only the tuition fee with AUS. The loan will be given directly to AUS for a limited duration of 24 months, under the name of the student; the student will start repaying their loan on a monthly basis, with an interest rate of 7.9% as soon as they start their studies with the institution. All students who are interested in securing a student loan may reach out to the AUS Administration and be provided with the complete terms and conditions, as reflected in the Student Loan Agreement.

In addition to the AUS-Cashare partnership, students may pursue their own pathways to secure student loans with other similar providers, such as Splendit or EducaSwiss, in which case the student should connect AUS and the loan program for a direct settling of all applicable fees.

Whether a student opts for an AUS-facilitated loan or an individually secured one, it is the student’s responsibility to review and agree with any conditions presented as part of their loan and act in accordance with them.
Student Finance Policy

Scholarship Opportunities

In order to reward prior academic performance and to support students coming from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds, AUS offers partial scholarships based on merit or need covering up to 20% of the tuition fee. The scholarships are granted under the condition that the student will be engaged in administrative activities with the institution based on a schedule that does not impact the student's academic schedule. Should the student not meet this condition, the institution reserves the right to revoke the scholarship for the next academic term.

Merit-Based Scholarship

The merit-based scholarships are granted to applicants who have an excellent proven academic record from the most recent study level.
Students can also decide to submit a request for credit transfer at any point during their studies at AUS, provided that it is no later than three months prior to the commencement of a term.

In this case, applications should be submitted to admin@aus.swiss.

Need-Based Scholarship

AUS offers need-based scholarships to applicants who demonstrate a significant financial need due to socioeconomic circumstances that may represent an obstacle to their access, progress, or graduation from higher education studies. The need-based scholarships are granted to students who can prove that they find themselves in one of the following situations:
Demonstrate a significant financial need
If two or more siblings from the same family are studying at AUS
Have physical disabilities
Have a parent with physical disabilities
Their family is on social assistance
Are orphans of one or both parents
Are refugees or displaced persons due to war or natural disasters
Are children of war veterans
While this list is not exhaustive, AUS underlines that need-based scholarships can only be granted to students who demonstrate they have a real social need where the scholarship would reduce a situation of inequality that has impacted their academic journey past and may continue to do so in the present.
Policy and Procedure for Scholarships

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