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Master’s Degree Specializations

AUS’s MIBA programs ensure that our students are fully prepared to lead and manage in today’s competitive and changing global marketplace. We focus on integrating traditional business knowledge with practical decision-making, problem-solving, creativity, and strategic thinking while engaging students in real-world projects. Our goal is to create a practical learning and research environment that emphasizes active collaboration with industry leaders in Switzerland and worldwide.

Core Program

Master of Science in International Business Administration (MIBA)
Prepare for the global business landscape with AUS's MIBA program. Emphasizing a worldwide perspective, our curriculum draws on insights from business and government leaders, equipping students with the skills needed to excel in the interconnected environment of the 21st century.

Specialization Options

Aviation Management
Fast-track your aviation career with our Aviation Management Specialization. Combining the latest business theory with hands-on learning and insights from industry professionals, our Aviation Management program delivers a comprehensive and engaging education in the aviation sector.
Data Analytics
Master the art of understanding and predicting customer needs with our MBA in Data Analytics. This program equips you with the skills to analyze products, customers, competitors, and strategies, positioning you to excel in the rapidly evolving personalized market for goods and services.
Achieve financial success with our MBA in Financial Management. By becoming an expert in local, national, and international economies, market dynamics, investment analysis, and legal and ethical issues, you will be well-prepared to make informed business decisions and investments.
Healthcare Administration
Advance your career in healthcare with our MBA in Healthcare Administration. Designed for future professionals in education, childcare, social services, healthcare, and business, this program focuses on management systems, decision-making tools, technology, financial management, referral systems, and current health law and ethics issues.
Human Resource Management
The Human Resource concentration enables the student to integrate the knowledge and skills gained from the core coursework in the MBA program in order to address the issues and challenges faced by today’s human resource management professionals. Students will benefit from exposure to theories and applications involved in acquiring and developing talented employees, managing the ongoing employer/employee relationship, and providing competitive advantages through strategic human resource policies and practices.
International Business
Elevate your management skills for the international business environment with our MBA in International Business. Learn about international trade and investments, financial management, and organizational analysis in diverse cultural settings. Gain a deep understanding of trade theories and global financial markets, preparing you for success in the global arena.
Leadership & Change
Empower and inspire employees with our MBA in Leadership Management. Designed for future leaders across various fields, this program focuses on developing the qualities that promote effective leadership. Learn how to sharpen employees' vision, raise their performance, and instill confidence in their abilities.
Marketing is continuous. It is always in motion, always progressing, always working. Marketers have the challenge to stay ahead of the trend and constantly innovate the message. This program will teach you how to stay ahead of the rest with classes that focus on strategic brand and global marketing, as well as information systems and field analysis. You will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to run and stay ahead of the rest.
Sports Management
The program is designed to maximize convenience while providing the necessary structure to enhance students' marketability in the industry. One of the great advantages of the MBA in Sports Management is that you will be required to participate in a supervised mentorship program with a professional who has the appropriate experience and is able to demonstrate a record of outstanding contribution to the profession.