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Student Affairs
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Custom Short Courses and Executive Education
At the American Institute of Applied Sciences in Switzerland, we recognize that every professional and organization has unique learning needs. Our custom short courses and executive education programs are meticulously designed to address these specific requirements, providing impactful and practical learning experiences.
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Executive Education
Tailored Learning for Tomorrow’s Leaders — Custom Short Courses and Executive Education
Customized Approach
We collaborate closely with organizations and individuals to develop bespoke courses that align with their strategic goals and professional aspirations.
Industry-Relevant Curriculum
Our courses cover a wide range of subjects, from management and leadership to strategic and operational planning.
Flexible Delivery Formats
We offer various modes of delivery, including online, in-person, and hybrid, to accommodate the schedules of busy professionals.
Expert Faculty
Our courses are led by experienced faculty members who bring a wealth of knowledge and industry insights to their teaching.
  • Join us to transform your career and organization with our custom short courses and executive education programs.
Consultancy Services
Expert Consultancy Services — Bridging Academia and Industry

The American Institute of Applied Sciences in Switzerland extends its academic excellence to the private sector through specialized consultancy services. Leveraging the diverse expertise of our faculty, we offer innovative solutions to complex business challenges.
Wide-Ranging Expertise
Our faculty members are experts in various fields, providing insights and strategies across multiple industries.
Collaborative Partnerships
We work closely with businesses to understand their unique challenges and offer tailored solutions.
Research-Driven Solutions
Our consultancy services are grounded in the latest academic research and industry trends.
Outcome-Focused Approach
We are committed to delivering measurable results, ensuring that our consultancy services translate into tangible benefits for your business.
  • Partner with us to harness the power of academic insight and practical expertise for your business success.