AUS Welcomes its Quality Assurance Director - Dr. Anca Prisacariu

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Dear AUS Community,

As some of you already know, I joined AUS as Quality Assurance Director as from November 1 st; this is a new role within the institution, but I am very enthusiastic to introduce AUS to a more systematic and structured approach to ensuring the quality of our academic delivery and overall operations.

For the past 15 years, I have worked in both internal and external quality assurance: internally, I served in senior Quality Assurance roles in the Middle East and Africa in both higher and vocational education; externally, I worked as an expert for more than 30 quality assurance agencies, as well as provided consultancy to governmental institutions on quality assurance, regulation, and the development and review of standards frameworks. I also served as Advisor to the Minister of Education in Romania on formulating, reviewing, and implementing policies on higher education at national level; my background in the student movement adds to my expertise topics like the student-centered learning, the social dimension of higher education, as well as student engagement and representation.

My mandate at AUS will be focused on the enhancement of the student learning experience through transparency, predictability, continuous improvement and stakeholder engagement. Therefore, my role will cover, among others, the implementation of the quality assurance strategy, the coordination of the areas of governance and policy management, monitoring the implementation of the strategic plan, overseeing the implementation of the mechanisms for enhancement of teaching and learning and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. Additionally, given my passion for student engagement, I will work on enhancing student representation at AUS and empowering the student voice in governance.

I am very much looking forward to working with both internal and external stakeholders of AUS; quality assurance is not something that is being done to us, but a notion we all engage with by continuously thriving to grow in our roles and improve the way we do things; the development of a quality culture at AUS begins with the understanding that quality improvement is a collective responsibility of the entire community, a common goal that, I hope, we all have ownership for because it does indeed belong to all of us.

Thank you and wishing you a Happy New Year, with achievements and professional growth!

Dr. Anca Prisacariu