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Quality Assurance in Higher Education

April 2024 Updates
The European Commission presents a blueprint for a European degree
The European Commission has adopted a package of ambitious proposals for Europe’s higher education sector, with the aim of working towards a European degree. The package contains a blueprint for this new and universally recognized qualification as a result of deeper and wider transnational cooperation between higher education institutions - a key component of the European Education Area. Switzerland has been a full member of the Bologna Process / European Higher Education Area since 1999; therefore, in spite of not being a member of the European Union (EU), Switzerland will be impacted by the new proposals.

As part of the package, the Commission has also adopted 2 proposals for Council recommendations on:
  • a European quality assurance and recognition system in higher education
  • attractive and sustainable careers in higher education
Both proposals go beyond the pure ambition of developing a European degree and are advantageous for the wide and diverse higher education sector.

Read the extensive details about the package here.

EQAF 2024 Call for Abstracts
Applications are open for the 2024 European Quality Assurance Forum, hosted by the University of Twente (The Netherlands) from 14-16 November. The title of this year's Forum is ‘Enhancing education, research and societal engagement through quality assurance’ with the following sub-topics:
  • Fostering cooperation and interdisciplinarity
  • Addressing technological developments in HE
  • Project management and evaluation to support quality
If any of these topics interest you and you want to submit a contribution, please do not hesitate to contact Anca Prisacariu, the AUS Quality Assurance Director and member of the EQAF Program Committee.

The call for contributions welcomes submissions from quality assurance practitioners at higher education institutions and quality assurance agencies, as well as students and researchers in the field. The deadline to submit proposals is 23 June 2024. Read more and apply using this link.

Mapping the state of internationalization of higher education in 2024
The European Association for International Education published the newest edition of the EAIE Barometer report, which offers a comprehensive view of the health and vitality of internationalization in European higher education amidst significant challenges and opportunities.
The report provides detailed insight into current issues in our sector through respondents’ perceptions in key areas such as their professional roles in international higher education, the institution’s or organization’s structure and strategy for internationalization budgets, and more.

A snapshot of the results concerning Switzerland:
  • 42% of the Swiss respondents show dissatisfaction with the training/professional development opportunities offered by institutions/organizations related to their current roles;
  • 27% of the Swiss respondents state that their institution does not have a clearly defined set of goals for internationalization;
  • 2% of the Swiss respondents cite feeling pressure for employers to produce evidence of the impact of internationalization

Read more and download the report here.

EU-Switzerland: Council adopts mandate for negotiations on future relationship
The Council of Europe authorized the European Commission to negotiate, on behalf of the EU, a broad package of measures with Switzerland as the basis for future EU-Switzerland relations. The aim of the negotiation is to modernize and deepen bilateral relations between the EU and Switzerland, to ensure fair competition between EU and Swiss companies operating within the internal market, and to guarantee the protection of the rights of EU citizens in Switzerland, including preventing discrimination between citizens of different member states. The mandate also addresses Switzerland’s concerns by allowing limited exceptions to alignment with EU rules in the areas of free movement of persons, the posting of workers, and rail and road transport.

Read the background information and the key elements of the package here here.

ESN, ESU, and EUF coordinate a campaign advocating for the re-association of Switzerland to the Erasmus+ program
The Erasmus Student Network (ESN), European Students' Union (ESU), and European University Foundation (EUF) affirm their strong expectations for the EU and Switzerland to reach an agreement on the re-association of Switzerland to the Erasmus+ program. Recognizing the mutual benefits of cooperation between the European Union and Switzerland and after 10 years of separation, the three organizations state that they believe it’s time to strive for unity and to recognize that students are the future researchers, and without adequate opportunities in higher education, they will never realize their full potential.

The organizations state that they remain steadfast in their determination to raise the voice of the Swiss and European higher education communities and ensure that a path forward that strengthens bonds and advances common goals can be achieved.

Read the story here.

The American Institute of Applied Sciences in Switzerland (AUS) is a private higher education institution that offers its students internationally accredited Business Administration degrees. These degrees, along with several specializations, help students acquire fundamental business knowledge and develop essential skills needed to pursue their dream careers in the 21st century.

AUS is situated in La Tour-de-Peilz on the beautiful shores of Lake Geneva, between picturesque Montreux and Vevey, the home of several global corporations. AUS’s stunning location is well located in the middle of Europe and well connected with the major European cities, and close to the Olympic Capital Lausanne, and Geneva, the center for diplomacy.

For over three decades, the American Institute of Applied Sciences in Switzerland has provided business students with the knowledge and tools to be positive contributors to the general management of any business organization of tomorrow. At the first level of study, AUS students earn a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, which qualifies them for a profession in business management and the opportunity to continue their studies further and earn a Master of Science in International Business Administration. Through our dynamic business programs, AUS offers students a tailored education in a multicultural and progressive environment where cutting-edge theory connects to practical application. Additionally, AUS is surrounded by international and multinational companies, giving students the chance to immerse themselves in a global business environment, broaden their knowledge, and improve their social skills.

AUS is a member of the Swiss Federation of Private Schools (FSEP) and Swiss Private Schools (AVDEP). Internationally, AUS is a member of the European Association of Institutions in Higher Education (EURASHE), and its programs are accredited by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE). In 2021, AUS announced a partnership with Tiffin University (USA), allowing AUS students to obtain a dual degree from both institutions. AUS is also recognized as an accredited institution with the IBM SkillsBuild Initiative, an Apple Authorized Training Center for Education, and an IELTS Preparation and Testing Center.