Exploring the Exciting New Developments in AUS’s Research Department: FMOS 2023 Conference, AUS Market Research Lab, and New Publications

At the end of 2022, AUS has created a research team to develop scholar activities with spillover effects on teaching and the institution’s visibility. The team’s efforts encompass three main areas. Firstly, FMOS 2023, an online international research conference scheduled 9th June 2023, with international participants and several partner publication outlets. Secondly, AUS Market Research Lab to include students in applied projects for companies and the press: a first project on aviation is running. Thirdly, a new research paper is just off to press in Nuova Antologia Militare, and an edited research book will be published at the beginning of summer 2023.

At the end of 2022, AUS launched a research department, which is developing several activities with spillover effects on teaching and the institution’s visibility. In the last few months, the main focus was on the conceptualization and development of the first edition of FMOS, an international 100% AUS-made online conference. FMOS stands for Finance, Marketing and Operations for Sustainable Business, the main topics that approximately fifty researchers will discuss and elaborate on 9th June 2023. The scientific committee of the conference counts acclaimed professors worldwide. The scope of the conference is broad, and includes several cutting-edge challenges: Post-pandemic sustainability; diversity, equity & inclusion; new visions for transport; innovation in transport; global and local; poverty reduction; responsible and sustainable tourism; challenges in Retail Operations; Service Operations Management; servitisation as a business model; Supply Chain Management; sustainable solutions in Operations and Logistics; corporate social responsibility; Total Quality Management and Six Sigma; sustainable operations; emerging countries; renewable energy production/solutions; environmental recovery and Financial Technology. Ten additional researchers will join us as listeners. Participants come from all over the world, with authors from Nigeria, Morocco, India, Pakistan. Malaysia, Kosovo, Uzbekistan, Serbia, Croatia, Turkey, Italy, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Finland, Norway, Spain, Colombia and more. AUS granted free participation to participants from developing countries. We take this opportunity to invite AUS faculty members to submit a 250-word abstract by 30th April or to join FMOS as listeners. Abstract or FREE registration requests should be submitted to fmos2023@aus.swiss. AUS students can also join FMOS for free upon registration. With FMOS, we would like to foster a connection between academia and practice, i.e., the new knowledge and helpful solutions to business challenges. FMOS 2023 is also an interdisciplinary event as innovation often comes from uncommon perspectives! FMOS 2023 will kick off with the lectures by two special guest speakers, from France and Finland. Presenters are invited to publish their research in one of our 16 partner journals or a research book.

AUS research team is also developing AUS Market Research Lab, a project gathering AUS researchers and voluntary students' scientific collaboration,. The students, guided by the researchers, will run studies on business topics. The outcome of these research endeavours will be disseminated online and, hopefully, in the local and international press. The first ongoing project examines airport services and travellers' satisfaction. Results and publications from this first project are expected at the end of summer or in autumn 2023.

Aleksandra Zając, Researcher, has recently published a research paper co-authored with Prof. Andrzej Misiuk, from the University of Warsaw "Gendarmerie in Poland. Outline of history" in Nuova Antologia Militare, an international and interdisciplinary journal edited by the Italian Society of Military History. Interested readers can find the full article at https://www.nam-sism.org/index.html in the volume "Forza alla legge". The research article is available online for free.

Giuseppe Catenazzo, Head of Research, is finalising an edited research book, "Cases on Traveler Preferences, Attitudes, and Behaviors: Impact in the Hospitality Industry" https://www.igi-global.com/book/cases-traveler-preferences-attitudes-behaviors/304 804, gathering research chapters authored by several international researchers to be published at the beginning of summer 2023 by IGI Global.