AUS Visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

In February 2024, the American Institute of Applied Sciences in Switzerland (AUS) embarked on a transformative journey through the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, underscoring our commitment to a robust globalization strategy. Our tour encompassed the vibrant cities of Jeddah and Riyadh, presenting an intense yet rewarding agenda featuring meetings with key partners, participation in educational fairs, and meaningful connections with various stakeholders.

This visit, strategically aligned with AUS’s recognition by the Department for Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is a pivotal milestone in our ongoing institutional growth. The range of engagements during this expedition served as a testament to our dedication to fostering educational excellence on an international scale.

The warm hospitality extended to us left an indelible mark on our team. Our journey was not merely a series of professional interactions but an immersion into the heart of Saudi Arabian culture, traditions, and cuisine.

In the broader context, our mission to Saudi Arabia was not only engaging but also immensely rewarding. We not only cultivated new and meaningful relationships but also strengthened existing ones. The trip served as a platform to showcase, to prospective students, the unique offerings of our institution, reinforcing AUS’s standing as a global leader in higher education.

Missions of this nature epitomize AUS’s vision for international outreach and collaboration. By engaging in such ventures, we aim to not only share our educational quality but also to actively contribute to the global dialogue on academic excellence. This journey to Saudi Arabia stands as a shining example of AUS’s commitment to cultivating a diverse, interconnected educational landscape where collaboration knows no boundaries.