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Congratulations Class of 2023 – A Recap of the 28th Commencement Ceremony

On May 6th, 2023, the American Institute of Applied Sciences in Switzerland held its 28th Commencement Ceremony at the esteemed Montreux Palace Hotel. The event was a resounding success, as students, faculty members, families, and guests gathered to celebrate the academic achievements of the graduating class of 2023.

The ceremony was hosted by two AUS students, Fiona Rramilli, a Bachelor Student, and Marco Gimmi, a Master's Student, whose charisma and eloquence guided attendees through the event. The program kicked off with the President's Remarks delivered by Dr. Mohamad El Khansa, who expressed his pride and joy for the accomplishments of the students and their contribution to the institute's growth and development.

Dr. Gaidi Faraj, the Dean of Academics, delivered the Commencement Address, emphasizing the importance of education and lifelong learning and encouraging the graduates to use their newfound knowledge to make positive contributions as leaders in their communities. His speech was inspiring, reminding the graduates of their role as responsible global citizens and their potential to make a significant impact on society.

The ceremony also featured two keynote speakers, Mr. Schady Saeb, Managing Director at UBS Bank, and Dr. Abdullah Dahlan, Chairman of the University for Business and Technology. They shared their experiences and expertise, motivating the graduates to pursue their dreams and aspirations.

Faculty Speaker Mrs. Sanja Fabrio delivered the Faculty Speaker Address, emphasizing the importance of hard work and dedication in achieving academic excellence. Mr. Raghul Giridharan, a graduating student and former student body president, gave an emotional and heartwarming speech, reflecting on his experiences at AUS and the life lessons he learned during his academic journey.
Additionally, Professor Fabrio was awarded the Faculty of the Year award, recognizing her exceptional contributions to the institute.

The most anticipated part of the ceremony was the Conferring of Degrees and Honorary Degrees. The graduates were called up on stage one by one, where they received their degrees from the President, the Dean of Academics, and the Mayor of La Tour-de-Peilz, Sandra Pasquier.

The ceremony concluded with a celebratory reception where the graduates, and faculty members, enjoyed a jubilant atmosphere filled with pride, as the graduates looked forward to the next chapter of their lives.

In conclusion, the 28th Commencement Ceremony of the American Institute of Applied Sciences in Switzerland was a remarkable success, celebrating the academic achievements of the graduates and the hard work and dedication of the faculty and staff. The event was a testament to the institute's commitment to academic excellence, lifelong learning, and the pursuit of knowledge. Congratulations, Class of 2023!

Graduating Student List

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
  • Emilia Barabach
  • Zane Star Clausen
  • Hamza Ezzaytouny
  • Ana Getsadze
  • Max Gmoser
  • Shabakhram Irismatov
  • Misir Khankishiyev
  • Nurlan Khankishieyev
  • Faysal Mehio
  • Hassan Mehio
  • Omar Moldokmatov
  • Dania Mohammed Mudarres
  • Alana María Mullings Fernández
  • Nivedithakaran Prabhakaran
Master of Science in International Business Administration
  • Ghader Abdulmajeed S Abouljadayel
  • Nouhaila Abousaiyd
  • Aliaa Mohamed Fathi Said
  • Christine Wacera Ng’ang’a
  • Yao Bright-John Yakpo
Master of Science in International Business Administration with specialization in Aviation Management
  • Akash Dany Anand Albert Gnana Selvam
  • Raghul Giridharan
  • Rabiya Mousavi
  • Shahul Shaik
Doctorate of Business Administration
  • Grygoriy Bakalor
  • Michael Bievetski
  • Karim Doha
  • Elizaveta Stepenskiy