India Tour 2023

The American Institute of Applied Sciences in Switzerland (AUS) embarked on a tour to various regions in India from November 2−12, signifying a pivotal chapter in the trajectory of our AUS India Tour 2023. The journey unfolded across four dynamic and culturally rich cities—Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Hyderabad—each contributing its unique essence to our exploration.
Our comprehensive itinerary was thoughtfully designed, encompassing a spectrum of impactful engagements. We actively participated in high-profile recruitment events,
forging connections with prospective students, parents, and stakeholders alike. Collaborative dialogues and meetings with a diverse array of partners and representatives from the educational ecosystem added depth to our mission of fostering international collaboration.

This journey wasn’t merely about business; it was an opportunity to reconnect with our valued alumni who have been integral to the AUS community. These interactions
served as not just nostalgic reunions but also as occasions to understand their professional journeys post-AUS and to celebrate their accomplishments.

A special highlight of our visit was the warm hospitality extended to us by the families of some of our current students. This unique experience provided us with an authentic insight into the local culture, traditions, and familial bonds that contribute to the overall well-being and academic success of our students.

In essence, our AUS India Tour 2023 transcended the conventional bounds of a business trip. It was a journey of discovery, collaboration, and connection. As we immersed ourselves in the vibrancy of each city, engaging with a diverse range of stakeholders, our commitment to fostering educational excellence and global partnerships resonated at every step. The significance of this voyage is not just confined to the temporal bounds of our visit; it forms an integral part of AUS’s broader vision for international outreach and collaborative learning.