AUS Winter Term 2020 Icebreaker

American University in Switzerland Image
On Thursday, January 23rd, AUS students and staff reunited in Villeneuve for the start of the Winter Term icebreaker. It was another opportunity for all to unite in a casual and fun-filled setting. Cultures mingled and conversations flowed around drinks and snacks – a moment to talk about winter vacation, goals for the term, and upcoming activities.

The town of Villeneuve provides a great opportunity for entertainment with its laser game maze. The location is a multi-levelled dark room with special effects such as black lights, smoke, techno music, and other effects designed to disorient the players.

AUS formed two teams: a red team, and a blue team. Each team enjoyed three games, of a duration of 20 minutes each.

It was a tight match, but the red team finally became the proud winners of the event Another successful afternoon out.