Olivier Mesly

Olivier Mesly, MBA, DBA, teaches or has taught marketing and project feasibility in France, Canada (in English and French), Latin America (in Spanish), and Asia (in English) in university programs, as well as to entrepreneurs/managers/salespeople. As a former marketing manager for large foreign companies (Mitsubishi) and Canadian companies (e.g., Maple Leaf Foods International), Olivier Mesly has launched new products in some thirty international markets over the years.

As a researcher, he has been involved in more than 50 teams assigned to various projects. He is also a consultant for several organizations, government-sponsored local development agencies, and independent companies (e.g., Kruger). He completed postdoctoral training at HEC Montreal, earned a Doctorate in Business Administration (September 2007-April 2010) with an "excellent" rating, and an MBA in international marketing from the University of Guelph. He also holds a Bachelor's degree with distinction in Japanese studies and a diploma in public relations from McGill University. In April 2017, he earned a certificate in lyrical singing from the University of Sherbrooke in Canada.

Dr Mesly has written ten books, approximately forty marketing case studies and feasibility study exercises, as well as over 60 peer-reviewed articles published in international journals in English, French, and Spanish in various fields: marketing (e.g., Journal of Macromarketing), project management (e.g., International Journal of Project Management), finance/economics (e.g., Journal of Behavioral Finance, Economic Modelling), psychology/psychiatry (e.g., Frontiers in Psychiatry), and law (e.g., European Journal of Consumer and Market Law).