Olga Ladogina

Why did I choose AUS to pursue my Master’s degree?
At the time, I had three main criteria, and only AUS, former AGSB, was able to meet all of them:
Firstly, it was important for me to study in a multicultural university. AUS provides students with an opportunity to learn from and study alongside people from various cultural backgrounds.
Secondly, I freelanced as a designer and wanted to avoid giving up my professional activity to pursue the degree full time. AUS gives an opportunity to pursue studies without putting your career on hold.
Thirdly, I was considering universities in the beautiful Swiss Riviera region. AUS is located in a spectacular location!

Which aspects of the MIBA program have been the most beneficial for me?
The most significant advantage of the MIBA program was that AUS professors were international professionals, experts in their business fields enthusiastic about the subjects they were teaching. They were illustrating theoretical material with real-life examples from their own practical experience. This considerably facilitated the learning process.
The MIBA program covered a variety of both general and specific subjects. Such a combination of courses equipped me with versatile skills and knowledge in different function fields.

Which aspects of the student life have been the most beneficial for me?
I was amazed at the University’s individual approach to every student. It really felt like AUS provided me with personalized care hand-tailored for my professional needs.
Besides, I found my stay in La Tour-de-Peilz very pleasant. This beautiful little town was perfect for my work-study life because it felt like a tranquil oasis counterbalancing the dynamic study and business activities.

What are my plans after graduation?
My experience at AUS helped me to step back and analyze the relationship between things I was passionate about and my career plan. It became the catalyst for me to ultimately aim for an entrepreneurial career. As for now, I plan to start a new chapter of my life by gaining some more work experience first. Although the shift towards the entrepreneurial career is going to be a great challenge, I am confident that the versatile knowledge and skills gained during my time studying at AUS will be very valuable.

Any final thoughts?
My experience at AUS has helped me grow personally and professionally. This experience is definitely a memorable one for me.