AUS Research Developments -
November 2023

Last 16th November 2023, our researcher, Dr Aleksandra Zają, presented a work in progress research titled Anti-Communication – Media Coverage of Poland-Belarus Border at the International Scientific Conference “Societal Interactions: Rethinking Modern Issues” held at EKA University of Applied Sciences in Lithuania.
November has also been the month for the organization of the Safety, Security, and Risk Management Conference that will take place online on the 11th and 12th of December. The deadline for registration for presenters will be next 30th November, and for listeners, it will be 8th December. Four experts will give insightful and cutting-edge presentations: Dr. Sebastian Roché is a Research Professor at the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) at the Sciences-Po Grenoble, University of Grenoble-Alpes, France. Three more keynote speakers from Switzerland: Emmanuel Fragnière, Professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Western Switzerland (HEG Valais/Wallis), Sierre/Siders, Luca Tenzi — an expert in corporate security and resilience, and Jean-Jaques Kohler — a risk management expert with over 15 years of expertise mainly in the international banking and insurance. For further information, please go to
Last but not least, IGI Global Publishing, an internatnation has accepted a new edited book project led by Dr. Aleksandra Zając, Cases on Security, Safety, and Risk Management, to be published in the United States during the summer of 2024.

This book is intended to showcase several research-based case studies, i.e. practical problems and their resolution, about challenging security issues and handling risk factors. We will focus on risk management for all businesses, not only financial ones. Risk management involves risk identification, analysis, evaluation, mitigation, and control; dealing with risks effectively makes businesses survive and prosper. Furthermore, we plan to give our book a more interdisciplinary perspective, and we would welcome contributions from various backgrounds, e.g. engineers, lawyers, experts in social and policy-makers, and more.
We believe the topic itself and its interdisciplinary perspective will make the book to be an impactful publication. First of all, it will emphasize the topicality of risk management in business and business research. Next, the research-based case studies will show that security and safety should be considered a primary business component and not peripheral.
We expect three main readerships: First, students, undergraduate & postgraduate in management, business administration, law, and security studies can find the cases insightful and shape a better understanding of the current and requested area of specialization, that is, security in/of business. Then, scholars can find these cases useful to build or inspire their research endeavour and teach business matters with cutting-edge research-based cases. Practitioners can also find the selected studies valuable to guide their analyses and decision-making.

Click here to view more information about the book or to purchase it.