AUS Research Developments — October 2023

October marked the first key milestone in 2023-24 AUS Research activities. Last Friday, the 20th, AUS Research held the first Autumn Online Workshop for Young Research (AWYR, gathering international researchers who shared ongoing or brand-new works.
Dr Emmanuel Fragnière CIA, Professor at HEG Valais/Wallis of the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland, and Dr Mélanie Boninsegni from IPAG Business School Paris in France led the workshop; twelve presentations covered several business fields, including improving operations, managing environmental quality and Blockchain & Fintech.
Next event: Safety, Security, and Risk Management Conference, 11th-12th December. The deadline for paper submission and registration is 30th November,

AUS Research is also active in international publication projects. The deadline for submission is 30th November. In the pipeline, three special issues in academic journals, such as 1) Eunomia Sustainable Development,, 2) The African Management Review,, and 3) The Latin American Journal of Management for Sustainable Development,
Three research books are also on their way for publication in 2024
1) Research at the Crossroad of Finance, marketing and Operations for Sustainable Business
2) Cases on Effective Destination Management, and
3) Cases on Security, Safety & Risk Management.
For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at or check out the main Research Page of the American Institute of Applied Sciences in Switzerland.