Dual Degree with Tiffin University
The American University in Switzerland and Tiffin University, based in Ohio, United States, are delighted to offer students the opportunity to receive a degree from Tiffin University in addition to their bachelor’s degree from AUS.

Students will have the opportunity to complete dual degrees in a range of subject areas, including; management and international business, sports management and sports marketing, and sports management and athletic administration.

At AUS and Tiffin University, we put our students at the center of what we do. This opportunity enables students to fully immerse themselves in an international environment providing the platform for extensive educational and career benefits. With access to guest professors, the possibility of a semester abroad, or an international internship, students' opportunities are life-changing.
IATA Authorized Training Center
The American University in Switzerland is proud to be recognized as an official IATA Authorized Training Center.

Offering a degree with a specialization in Aviation Management and specific IATA certified training courses enables students to gain expert industry knowledge from a global organization in air transport. Courses available to students will complement the AUS curriculum and give real-industry insight to support academic knowledge.

Topics such as Air Transport Fundamentals provide an overview of the air transportation system and illustrate the interdependencies among its various components, and Aviation Security Awareness, which looks at introducing security measures and regulations to keep the industry safe.

This opportunity provides students a real advantage when seeking employment by showcasing their expertise and applied knowledge through gaining industry-recognized certifications.

Discover our Master Degree Programs and Specializations

Our goal at AUS is for our MIBA students to be fully prepared to lead and manage today’s competitive global marketplace. Our curriculum is application-based through experiential learning and focuses on the hard and soft skills business leaders will need in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).
Provides exposure to financial practices in local, national and international economies in cooperating and competing markets. Explores stocks, bonds, commodities and other types of investments and prepares students to work in financial management independently or for a corporation, bank, securities firm, nonprofit organization or investment agency.
Data Analytics
Develops managerial competencies related to statistics, accounting, economics, finance, computer information, policy, ethics, law, globalization, and marketing. Focuses on self-actualization of a higher learning level and provides specialized training for a technological business environment.
Forensics and Fraud Examination
Develop the skills to identify the suspects, conduct an investigation and report the crime, while preparing for your certifications as a CPA or CFE at Tiffin University.
Healthcare Administration
Designed for people working in education, childcare, social services, healthcare and business. Focuses on healthcare management systems, decision-making tools, technologies, financial management, referral systems, healthcare law and ethics.
Human Resources Management
Gives exposure to theories and applications used in acquiring and developing employees, managing employer/employee relationships and developing competitive advantages through strategic human resource policies and practices.
International Business
Teaches how the global economy functions and how multinational governmental and nongovernmental organizations interact with it. Focuses on international trade theories and agreements, global financial markets and financial skills required to manage companies engaged in international business.
Leadership and Change
Designed for working professionals who want to move up in management. Centers on leadership characteristics and decision-making and managerial skills such as negotiating, conflict resolution, organizational and group performance and leading organizational change.
Explores practices used to increase product exposure and market positions. Focuses on strategic brand and global marketing, information systems, field analysis, international marketing and tactics such as negotiating sponsorships and endorsement deals.
Sports Management
Develops skills in communication, fundraising, business strategies and personnel management specifically tailored to the world of sports. A 200-hour mentorship provides practical experience with sport franchises, athletic departments, organizations, agencies and facilities with links to Tiffin University.