Master of International Business Administration

2 years
Entry Dates
September / January / April
Study Mode
90 CH | 120 ECTS
Program Overview
The Master of International Business Administration program provides graduates with hands-on experience via internships and through close links to the industry.

At the same time, students benefit from a holistic approach that encompasses Ethics, Law, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship while developing creativity, communication, and teambuilding. Professors who work within their field of specialization guide throughout and assist students in embarking on their tailored career path.
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Why AUS?
At AUS top-tier internationally diverse classmates share professional experiences and form synergistic groups where mutual commitment and joint accountability lead to highly effective teams.
The curriculum links cutting-edge business theory to practical application as students are guided to solve real-world challenges. This environment emphasizes collaboration and team building alongside the healthy competition.
Lead and manage today’s competitive global marketplace
Our goal at AUS is for our MIBA students to be fully prepared to lead and manage today’s competitive global marketplace. Our curriculum is application-based through experiential learning and focuses on the hard and soft skills business leaders will need in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).
Real-world lessons and best practices
All courses are taught in English by leading business visionaries in small dynamic cohorts. All professors have experience in successful business ventures, providing our students with real-world lessons learned and best practices. Our professors share their challenges and successes with the students, giving them a front-line education.
Deep working relationship between students and professors
Our faculty-student ratio is roughly 1:7, facilitating a deeper working relationship between students and professors than other universities. The small class size, approximately 20 students per class, provides students with optimum personal interaction, allowing professors to mentor and advisor many students.
Key Modules
Emerging Technologies
The fourth industrial revolution, or 4IR, is upon us, and emerging technologies are at its core. Businesses must adapt to this new reality, or they will jeopardize their own survival. In this context, a solid understanding of emerging technologies and their potential value to an organization is critical for any business manager. This course explores the current spectrum of emerging technologies from various perspectives, focusing on their business application for competitive advantage. The emphasis is on fostering the development of students’ individual opinions on this fast-evolving theme.

Management Information Systems

This course provides a comprehensive overview of business firms' information systems today while drawing connections between MIS and business performance. This course starts by introducing major themes related to organizations, management, and the networked enterprise. It then provides the technical foundation for understanding information systems by examining hardware, software, database, networking technologies, and tools and techniques for security and control. The journey continues by examining the core information system applications businesses are using today to improve operational excellence and decision making. Finally, the focus is on using the knowledge acquired earlier on in the course to analyze and design information system solutions to business problems.

Fundamentals of Corporate Strategy

This course emphasizes the fundamentals of corporate (and business level) strategy formulation and implementation in today’s complex and highly competitive environment. It will cover tools and techniques to understand the competitive structure and a company’s competitive advantage. Students will analyze various strategic decisions, including positioning, pricing, diversification, and resource allocation across different businesses. The course will also look into how organizational structure, culture, and governance impact effective strategy development and implementation and how the company-specific capabilities underpin the competitive strategy in the marketplace.
Leadership and Organization Behavior
This course focuses on the international dimensions of strategy and competition and provides a framework for formulating strategies in an increasingly complex world economy. It provides students with the tools better to understand today’s global economy's competitive forces and develop strategic perspectives to effectively work in today’s interconnected world. The course examines the basic frameworks for understanding competitive strategy in international business and identifying the opportunities presented in a dynamic global environment. Managers face enormous challenges when determining the best international strategy to take advantage of global opportunities.
A normal course of study to complete a MIBA program over two years requires:
Specialization Options
Dual Degree with
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Expert industry knowledge in International Business Administration
Beyond the depth and breadth of knowledge gained in the classroom, the life-long connections developed while attending AUS will be of immeasurable value.

To this end, we require and actively support internship placement, on-site company visits, and executive mentoring. With our vast network of contacts at nearby, world-renowned corporate headquarters, students are sure to find opportunities tailored to meet their specific needs.
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The IBM Academic Initiative program allows AUS students to receive IBM credentials as digital ‘badges’ marking their learning achievements using Credly. The students can easily share and promote their achievements on social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, as well as your own personal webpages and blogs.
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Internship Opportunities
Whether the student aspires to manage a leading company, have their own business, or work for a family-run business, AUS provides the tools to follow the desired career path.
Obtaining a degree allows you to pursue or progress in your career in:
Business Consultancy
Business Development
General Management
Logistics and Distribution
Business Research and Analytics
Marketing and Communications
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